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DontTakeBaitBe aware of an increase in phishing and scams. Criminals who phish use spam – unwanted email- to lure people into fake web sites to obtain personal information and commit identity theft. Victims receive fraudulent emails containing authentic looking logos and familiar graphics. You’re asked to reveal account information or other personal data such as a username, passwords and social security number. Remember that Metro Credit Union will never contact you via phone or email asking for your card number or PIN. We already have this information.

Cybercriminal activity has been on the rise right along with the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. Follow these four easy and simple steps to protect your personal data and help prevent a breach of your financial accounts.

  1. Turn on the passcode option and sign up for remote data erasing in the event your phone is lost or stolen.
  2. Download apps only from a trusted source to ensure they are free of malware.
  3. Use a password management app rather than storing account access information in contacts or memos.
  4. Access financial accounts through secure, private networks. Free, public networks are vulnerable to cybercriminals.

To help prevent fraud and ensure that your money is safe, certain restrictions are applied to the use of your Metro Credit Union debit card.  Any time you notice fraudulent transactions, contact Metro immediately at 402-551-3052. Learn more on our website.