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IMG_2882You’ll discover a very un-bank like experience at Metro Credit Union. To begin with, we don’t have customers – we have members. We follow our Mission Statement “To Improve the Financial Lives of Our Members,” along with four Service Promises.  Whether or not you have services with us already, we want you to have the member experience as soon as you step foot out of your car. You’ll see first thing in the parking lot at our branches with our designated member parking spots and hear it in the voices of staff that members are treated as if they’re our most important client – because you are.

Credit unions operate using a not-for-profit, but for service philosophy. You’ll discover that you have privileges not found at other, for-profit institutions such as providing an equal vote in selecting the Board of Directors who guide the credit union. These directors are unpaid volunteers, who are credit union members just like you. They give freely of their time to serve their financial institution. In fact, as a Metro member, you have the opportunity to place your name in nomination for a position on the Board of Directors. Elections are held each year at the credit union’s Annual Membership Meeting.

Additional membership benefits include Metro Rewards, Travel Leaders Rewards, Free Notary Service, discounts such as discounted tickets to amusement parks and special member events such as MemberFest (save-the-date for September 20, 2015) and the Annual Membership Meeting.

Those eligible for membership at Metro Credit Union come from a list of approved companies outlined by our charter operating as a Select Employer Group institution. Metro Credit Union was originally formed by the merger of two credit unions (University of Nebraska Medical Center & Safeway Food Stores) so many of these approved companies come from both the food and health industries. As the credit union has grown, we’ve expanded our reach to include the field of education.

Family members are an important part of Metro Credit Union as well. Once someone has gained membership through his or her employer, that individuals family members (husband, wife, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren) immediately become eligible for Metro Credit Union membership.

Metro Credit Union members always have the option of maintaining their membership, even if leaving the employer from which you joined. Even if you move from the area, you have the right to maintain your membership status. In fact, many members who have left the area maintain their relationship with the credit union in order to take advantage of the value offered by Metro.

Becoming a Metro Credit Union member is easy. Simply open a new Savings Account with a minimum deposit of five dollars or more. Maintain that minimum balance and you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of any Metro Credit Union product or service.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member to the Metro Credit Union family!