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mobile_screenshot_cropHas it been awhile since you’ve received a check? Wondering what to do when you get paper checks written out to you? If you are in a hurry and want to make a deposit into your Metro account without making a special stop, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a service you can use.

Metro Credit Union’s RDC product is available at your fingertips through Metro Credit Union. This service allows you to make a digital deposit by scanning checks and transmitting them directly to us.

Qualified members can deposit checks for FREE through the Metro Credit Union App. Just download the App, click on Metro Mobile Deposit and follow the simple instructions. This digital deposit is then transmitted to Metro Credit Union, which starts the review process and assigns availability based upon your availability schedule. We encourage you to keep checks for five days and then you can keep and file your paper check or shred them as there will be an electronic copy of the check already.

Benefits of RDC include convenience by being able to make deposits outside of regular business hours and reduced transportation cost. The RDC service with Metro Credit Union is something to consider whether or not you receive many checks. Here are some scenarios for people who could benefit from RDC:

  • Those receiving payment for babysitting or cleaning services
  • College students who receive checks to help with college expenses
  • Insurance refunds or rebate checks
  • Children who received a surprise check from Grandma in a birthday card

Contact our Member Services at 402-551-3052 to see if you qualify for RCD. Learn more about Metro Credit Union’s E-Services.