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LiteracyRegardless of how much or how little money you have, each day you must make choices about whether to spend it, save it, share it or grow it. Every decision makes a difference in your financial well being.  Your money does what you tell it to. It will never shout at you for over spending and it won’t remind you to start saving. Those choices are yours to make. Don’t worry about the Joneses, Smiths, or the Millers. They’re the people who have everything bigger and better than you do; however, they may not be who you think they are. They may be up to their eyeballs in debt. If you or someone you knows needs debt consolidation help, you can feel confident and start saving with a consolidation loan from Metro Credit Union.

Once you understand and accept you are the boss of your money, you will find yourself in a healthier relationship with it. When you being to take control of your money, you’ll find you also will begin taking control of all other areas of your life.

Here are financial tips to help you feel empowered about your finances from the Financial Therapy Network:

  • Repeat this mantra several times a day: I accept responsibility for my own financial wellbeing
  • Spend your money on NEEDS (necessities), not Wants (things you like/want but don’t need)
  • Understand you can change your financial habits
  • Forgive yourself for past financial mistakes
  • Give yourself permission to create a better financial future
  • Set financial goals

When you are shopping for necessities, remember that discounts can be found everywhere, even on basic buys we make every day. Here’s a list from Dave Ramsey to help you find basic discounts.

Interacting with your money on a regular basis will reveal which of your financial actions have been helpful or harmful and provide the opportunity for you to begin changing your financial behavior (how you earn, spend, save and share) to improve your financial wellbeing.

Metro Credit Union wants you to be in the best financial health and offer our Service Promises pledge to our members. Utilize our available financial calculators regarding home financing, personal financing, investments, retirement and leasing. As always, feel free to contact Metro Credit Union’s Member Services Toll-Free at 800-301-8549 or email mycu@metrofcu.org.