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Don’t Be Fooled!

Criminals are creating new schemes to trick you into giving away information about your account. Stop them cold by being aware.
  • Asking for your online banking info – Never give your online banking username or password to anyone for any reason.
  • Skimmers – Made to look like they belong on gas pumps/ATMs that collect your card information. Also, check your surroundings before using your card at the gas pumps. If something doesn’t look right, go inside to pay.
  • Software Scam – A criminal calls you stating that your software has a virus, and they need you to click a link for them to access your computer. Microsoft and other companies will not call you to tell you that you have a computer virus.
  • Verifying Card Info – Metro will never call you to have you verify your card information.
  • Phishing – Scammers contact you pretending to be with a legitimate company to get your info to either steal your identity or use that info to gain access to your funds. Victims may receive fraudulent emails containing authentic looking logos and familiar graphics. We will never contact you via phone or email asking for your card number or PIN as we already have this information.
To prevent fraud and ensure that your money is safe, certain security features are applied to your Metro Credit Union debit and credit card.  Any time you notice fraudulent transactions, contact Metro immediately at 402-551-3052.